Sign In & Out Procedures

WLA Protection Plan
(for infants through to children in Grade 5)
* This policy is in place to provide a safe environment for your children.*

Before the Service:
1) Each child must be signed in and out by a parent/guardian over the age of 18 

Any information that would be helpful for ministry personnel to know such as: allergies, medical or behavioral concerns or the name of a designated adult who you would like your child released to is provided at this time.

2) The parent/guardian will be issued a numbered tag which will be used as a call number, should we need to contact the parent/guardian during the service. 

3) The numbered tag will be shown by the parent or designated adult, at which point, the child will be released and signed out.

During the Service:
If a parent is needing to be contacted during the service the corresponding tag number will be displayed in the sanctuary on the front wall just to the left of the platform.  

Following the Service:
Following the conclusion of the service, parents make their way to their child's classroom and MUST present the numbered tag in order to sign their child out.

A child will be released when:

A) A parent returns with the tag.

B) The person who signed the child in returns with the tag.

C) An adult other than the parent, who has been designated by the parent and written permission provided to the ministry personnel, returns with the tag.

*If ministry personnel do not recognize the person who returns the tag, and have no instructions to release the child to someone other than the parents, the child will not be released until the parents are notified.*